What are the hours of operation?

10am – 5pm Tue., Wed., Fri., Sat. (after hours by appointment only)

2pm – 6pm Thurs

Closed: Sunday & Monday

How much are lessons?

• $75.00 for an hour
• $50.00 for half an hour
• $30.00 for half an hour-17 years old and under

Does your repair shop do re-gripping?

Yes, for $5 per club and up

Can the center “pure” driver shafts?

Yes, $5 plain shaft; $25 clubs

Does your Teaching Pro give playing lessons?

Yes, $125. for 9 holes

What is your teaching philosophy?

• An athletic type swing, natural, less thinking, more focus on target than swing
• The set-up is the major key – a mentally and positionally correct set-up promotes great swings with far less thinking.