Club Fitting

Golf is a game of confidence. Confidence is built with drives that land on fairways, greens hit in regulation, and putts that roll where you want them to go.

Golf requires practice and fine-tuning. We believe that fitting is the first step to game improvement. Our fitting process captures unique areas of your swing, plotting a course for the proper fit. It also solidifies an action plan with a PGA professional to optimize your newly personalized equipment.

Custom fitting golf clubs involves several measurements and a quick self-assessment of your golf swing. Our fitting method is simple, accurate, and effective. Having the right method, shaft, shaft flex, lie, grip and grip size allow the golfer to play to their fullest potential.

We build from scratch or retool player’s current clubs for a personal fit.

So, when you are ready to take the next step towards a more consistent game, you can contact us and put your swing into motion.